Parts and parts in any transportable (Feature Phone or humanoid Smartphone) accommodate many little, medium, and enormous components. they’re a lot of or less constant in most transportable Brands as well as – Samsung, Nokia, Acer, Alcatel, Apple, Gionee, Asus, BenQ, Siemens, Bird, Blackberry, Blu, Celkon, Dell, Gigabyte, Haier, HT, Huawei, Micromax, LG, Motorola, iMobile, I-Mate, Panasonic, Philips, Spice, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo Etc. you can repair yourself from any normal repair shop, but if you want that your phone must be in an old position you have to go to the Samsung phone repair shop particularly.

  1. Antenna: Antenna is employed to receive and transmit frequency. it’s intrinsic within the cupboard of the portable. These area units are known as intrinsic antennas.
  2. Battery: The battery is that the sole supply of power provides to a portable. 3 varieties of battery area units principally utilized in mobile cell phones and Tablets:

Nickel – metal (Ni-CD)

Nickel Metal binary compound (Ni – MH)

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion).

  1. Charger: Several varieties of Chargers area units won’t recharge the battery of a mobile phone. These embody traditional battery chargers, Travel devices (TA), ignitor devices (CLA), etc.
  2. Switch or Key Tip: These small switches area units are used for the keypad.
  3. Central process Unit (CPU): The CPU is that the Main management Section of a portable, robot Smartphone and Apple iPhone. It controls all the performance and will all the process work.
  4. RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM is associate degree eradicable memory wherever older knowledge {and information and knowledge and knowledge} are often erased and new data and data are often held on.
  5. Computer storage (Read solely Memory): A memory that may solely be scan. It can’t be erased. Programmable computer storage (PROM) and eradicable computer storage (EROM) area unit another variety of computer storage Memory that may be erased.
  6. Visual show: This part of the portable generates lightweight to show all data. show of a mobile phone is often classified as follows:

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)

TFT (Thin Film semiconductor unit Display).

  1. Antenna Switch: It will perform receiving, sending, and change of various frequencies like GSM, DCS, and PCS.
  2. IF-IC: This IC is additionally known as Hager IC, MJOLNER IC, and RF IC. It performs the perform of amplification of receiving the signal, commixture, and reception.
  3. VCO (Voltage management Oscillator): Controls frequency.
  4. Hands-free connection: Helps to hold on oral communication while not holding the Phone in hand exploitation Head Phone or Ear Phone.
  5. Memory Card: External memory storage card won’t store knowledge like photos, videos, audio, etc. SD card, mini American state Card, and small American state cards area unit used as external memory.

Samsung repair center is available everywhere in the city and you can find it out your nearby by searching it on the online forum. For the best repair of your phone or the product, you must confirm the problem from the company customer care.

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