Time To Wink! Tips and Tricks for Awe-struck Eye Look

See our tips and practical tricks on everything from expressive brows to gorgeous colors on your eyelids and beautifully curled eyelashes. From plucking to makeup and setting, your brows can look very differently, changing the way you look dramatically. Naturally defined eyebrows are the perfect complement to everyday makeup as per Instagram’s most loved model Lauren Henry, whereas statement brows often go well with heavier evening makeup. The look of feathered brows is more natural and wild than other brow makeup styles. Whether you want a natural or an edgy look, our tips will help.

Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

These simple tips for your eyes can help you make your eyes look beautiful and different.

Tips To Make Your Brows Look Great

Feathered strokes – While filling in your eyebrows, use feathery strokes. Their appearance will be more natural as a result.

An instant eye lift – Just below your brow arch, blend your highlighter out to give your eyes an instant lift. You will not only be able to define your eyebrows perfectly, but your entire face will look more noticeable as well.

Application Tips for Eyeshadow

Versatile One – A makeup soldier like this is a versatile one. You can use eyeshadow as a blush, bronzer, highlighter, and even to alter the color of your base makeup items.

The pop is here – Use a white eyeliner pencil to outline your eyelids first if you have an eyeshadow with less pigment or you want a pop of color.

Eyeliner proxy – If another battle with your eyeliner seems impossible or if you just want a softer look, take an angular brush and apply eyeshadow instead of eyeliner to your upper lash line. For summer, it gives a perfect look due to its natural look and airy feel.

Tips For Applying Eyeliner

A dash and a dot to save the day – Some might find this lame, but there are people (like me) who find drawing a straight line on paper difficult enough, let alone exhibiting such mastery on their eyes with eyeliner. You can easily accentuate your eyeliner by drawing small, stippled dots or dashes using your eyeliner. Easily done eyeliner in no time.

 Use of Scotch tape -Stick on the scotch tape method to get a perfect wing. You can achieve a killer winged eyeliner every time by applying scotch tape on each side of your eyes. A spoon, business card, debit card, or anything with a straight edge is suitable as a guide.

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