Top Apps for Movie Download: The Best For One’s Needs

Install vidmate, Vidmix, Opera, MPM downloader, Torrent Harvester, MTV movie downloader, etc., to enjoy free movies by downloading them.

The top 6 best apps to watch movies online are listed below:

  1. Vidmate is considered one of the best apps for the purpose of watching and downloading movies. Moreover, the app offers high speed to download any type of media from the internet. Vidmate is a great tool for downloading movies, TV shows and even music. It has over 100 million users worldwide, with more than one billion downloads in Google Play Store.
  1. VidMix is a freeware that helps one in watching any video file format on their computer. It allows users to convert videos from one format to another with the click of buttons. The features include easy video conversion within two minutes without losing quality or size of files along with a built-in media player that gives complete control over playback options like volume modification etc. while playing offline/online content saved either on a local storage device or streamed directly from internet sources including YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Besides working as an excellent converting tool, it also has a built-in browser that helps one in finding the latest and old movies along with trailers in one place.
  1. Opera is another best app for watching movies online on PC. It has been designed to be used as a plugin for browsers that support HTML, XHTML or XML content such as Google Chrome, Safari etc. The most significant feature of Opera includes its ability to play YouTube videos directly from within the application without opening the browser itself. Besides this, it also offers an option of changing video quality to reduce bandwidth usage while streaming high-definition files onto their computer screen, saving time and money. This app works efficiently even if the user switches between multiple tabs running different programs simultaneously on desktop/laptop computers with great ease, making it popular among movie watchers.
  1. MP4 Downloader is an excellent app for all those who want to watch movies online on PC and Mac devices. It allows users to search, save and play full-length YouTube video files with ease using their web browsers installed on computers/laptops either running Windows or Mac operating system without having any difficulty in playing them directly onto computer screen, making it one of the best apps among its kind available currently in the market. The unique features that make this app worth trying include a built-in media player which assists the user during the playback process, as well as the ability to encode videos into MPC format.
  1. Torrent Harvester is a free and open-source application that enables users to watch movies online with ease on their computers/laptops running Windows or Mac OS X operating system. It works as an internet search engine that helps in searching for torrent files from various sources, including popular websites like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz etc. Once downloaded, it can be used to stream video content directly onto a PC screen, avoiding the need for downloading the entire file onto local storage mediums, making the speed faster and more reliable than ever before compared to other services available currently in the market. Besides this, users can also download subtitles automatically if required to not miss out on essential dialogues.
  1. MTV movie downloader is another app that allows users to watch movies online with ease on their computer without installing any additional codecs required for the playback process. It has been designed especially keeping mobile devices in mind and features a simple user interface that enables everyone including newbies and professionals to use it easily, unlike other apps available currently in market, making it a must try among its kind. The key feature includes ability to download YouTube videos directly onto local storage medium enabling users to play them offline at a later time when they don’t have access to internet or if there are chances of network connectivity problems during streaming adding more convenience factor while watching latest Hollywood releases from within this app only! 

So these were 6 top movie downloading apps just like vidmate. Just install vidmate, vidmix or any other app; one can enjoy movies for free.

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