Why Hindu calendar 2021 a Must?

The Hindu calendar does away with the need to write out birthdays and Holidays in cumbersome ways like ’31/12/(2033)’. Hindu calendars come in handy when you wish to give a Hindu name or find Hindu dates.

The Hindu calendar 2021 keeps you abreast of Hindu festivals too! Hindus celebrate many kinds of festivities depending on region, language and religion: Holi (celebrated by Hindus in Northern and Eastern India). Durga Puja (celebrated by Hindus in West Bengal, Odisha and parts of East India) whereas Janmashtami (celebrated by Hindus across India but more especially in Maharashtra etc.).

Moreover, Ganesh Chaturthi (celebrated by Hindu communities in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka). And Dussehra/Vijaya Dashami (celebrated by Hindus in various parts of India), As well,Deepavali (celebrated by Hindus across India but more so in the northern states) etc.

Hindu New Year Hindu calendars also provide information for Hindu New Year, celebrated almost all over India with much fanfare! It usually falls on 14th April every year.

Hindu festivals calendar or Hindu calendar 2021are available online, for free! You can also use the Hindu festival calendar to find upcoming Hindu festivals or contact these websites if you want them to publish updates about Hindu festivals that are not already present.

Discussing the importance of panchang and Hindu calendar 2021

Free Panchang is a very important part of the Hindu religion. It contains the date, day and month of every function in a year. The importance of panchang can be understood because it contains information about all auspicious functions in a year.

The importance of the panchang calendar can be understood because it contains the information of all auspicious functions and events on a particular day. Panchang is of five types- panchangam, amavasya pan, Karan panchang, daily panchang and yogi panchang. ThePanchang calendar 2021 also contains many important dates.

Panchangs are available in four different languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. All Hindu festivals and functions are printed in these pan changes. So we find dates for Raksha Bandhan, Ugadi etc.

There are also details about the new year according to the Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it has information about important days like Good Friday and Christmas, which occur one day after the Indian new year.Hindu calendar 2021 reveals dates of many important festivals and occasions.

Panchang is also known as Panchangam, Almanac and Calendar. Of these three, panchangam contains more information than almanack and calendar. For example, it provides detailed information about the direction of planets according to an individual’s birth chart so that it can be used for yoga or gemstone matching. It also provides dates of important functions in the Hindu religion, such as marriage dates.

However, panchang is not published every week because annual editions are published. One can check their horoscope and decide what is good or bad for them. However, it does provide information about weekly planetary position and strength.

They are provided below-

● Sun – Sunday

● Moon – Monday

● Mars – Tuesday

● Mercury – Wednesday

● Jupiter

Giving a brief idea about panchang and Hindu calendar 2021

Panchang refers to a diary that helps people keep track of dates. Panch means five and means parts, which means it is a calendar containing five elements. The five components are Tithi, paksha, yoga, nakshatra and Karana. Tithi refers to a day or date from the lunar calendar, while paksha calculates the fortnight from the solar calendar. Yoga is related to zodiac signs. Nakshatra shows the position of stars, and Karana represents an individual’s horoscope.

Before panchang was developed by rishi Agastya, methods were used. People subjectively judged its time of year based on seasonal changes such as plants blooming and animals reproducing. We live in the modern age, and the Hindu calendar 2021 can be seen and checked online. They also estimated the length of time between two events by counting their fingers. For example, digging a hole in the ground and then filling it up took approximately one hour or using simple tools like candles that could be burned to show an approximate measure of time.

The ancient Nanchang is credited to Rishi Agastya, who lived many centuries ago. He created this system so that people would not go hungry or thirsty because they could not tell when it was going to rain. He discovered (or devised) these formulas about three thousand years ago after studying astronomy for twenty-eight years while he sat naked on top of Mount Kailash. He collected all his findings together in the form of the classical panchang texts.

Understanding how panchang evolved and spread worldwide and the Hindu calendar 2021 contains all the important dates

Panchang is also known as panjika, Almanac or Panchvimshati. A ‘Panchang’ is a record of the celestial movement, sunrise and moonrise timings, along with exact latitude-longitude coordinates on our globe for any given location on earth.

The importance of punching cannot be overstated in performing various auspicious functions in Hindu Religion like prayers, pujas, homes, etc. Besides being used by astrologers to study planetary movements for forecasting results according to Hindu astrology. Uttarāyaṇa Sankranti (also called Uttarayana), Shravana Nakshatra and Prabodini Ekadashi are important panchang events.

Panchang: Samvatsar, Sal nakshatra and Prabodhini Ekadashi Tithi for a given year is decided even before the Mahabharata war as Pandavas were going to heaven after they died in the epic battle described in Vana Parva of Mahabharat.

 It is also said that Dhruv went to the North direction & established the Pole star, which became Dhruv Tara. Anybody can understand the importance of this observation when they see today what exactly happens on any location on Earth at different times every day concerning sunrise and moonrise timings, thus getting an idea about Panchang.

The time decided on 13 th Aug, 5561 BC was midnight at 11 deg zero min North latitude and 78 deg East longitude near Allahabad. It is said that all Pandavas were present there to witness this phenomenon, with Lord Krishna also gracing the occasion.

 All Hindus, irrespective of caste & creed, celebrate Diwali, Dussehra, Raksha-Bandhan etc., based on panchang. You can check your horoscope and see which dates, according to Nanchang, are good for you. Birth dates of famous personalities like Giriraj Govind Singh (Hindu saint) are also mentioned in Nanchang. 

What is the significance of panchang as it influences the Hindu calendar 2021

The importance of panchang is to calculate the Vaastu Shastra, Vedic Kundli or horoscope based on the planetary positions which occur every day. A panchang consists of many daily events like sunrise and sunset timings, fasting & feasting conditions, time for religious activities etc. It also provides information about important personalities which occur during that particular day.

Panchang is very useful to determine auspicious days for festivities or marriage purposes. In addition, Panchang is useful to prescribe specific remedies for planetary afflictions occurring in our life chart. We can take appropriate decisions according to its readings. Because it has an influence on planets that rules different aspects of human life. Such as love and affection (Venus), education and knowledge (Mercury), dealings & trade (Jupiter), marriage and joy (Moon) etc.

Panchang also tells about our life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, parents’ longevity, death or end of certain life conditions like disease or sorrows etc. Moreover, it shows which days are good for auspicious occasions such as weddings and other important festive actions.

If we want to know the monthly panchang, we can get it from any local panchang-walla in major cities that provides this service at a small subscription fee. But, unfortunately, such services are not available everywhere.

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